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Healing the Ocean, One Purchase at a Time.


Two important aspects of Marine Biology & Environmental Technologies’ Vision are to heal the ocean and to follow George Washington Carver’s principle of using every part of every plant and animal we grow.  Luna Amore has created beautiful art while fulfilling both of these principles.  Luna Amore is a group of products made from Mother of Pearl which is the most beautiful and dynamic natural material in the world.  It is abalone shell.  As you can see from this website, Mother of Pearl has over  100 different shades of colors.  Its gorgeous iridescence and whorl patterns are mesmerizing.  It has the strongest shell composition of any marine or freshwater mollusk.  Abalone shell is so strong and durable that it was tested to be used as the heat shield for the space shuttle.  MBET grows its own sustainable abalone supply and has created color and whorl variations of the Mother of Pearl through diet.  10% all profits derived from Luna Amore will be used for coral restoration and kelp reforestation.


MBET is based on diversity of its active advisory board members.  There are over three hundred and seventy active advisory board members from multitudes of nationalities, cultures, backgrounds, and disciplines. This allows differences of perspectives and cross-pollination of creative ideas, approaches, and techniques to allow us to explore the vast “frontier” of biomedicine, marine biology, environmental science, aquaculture, regeneration of land and ocean ecosystems and their associated innovative new technologies. Using MBET Culture as its compass, these 370 active, dedicate, focused and very talented advisory board members, working in 37 high performance teams, will complete its Vision: Heal the World through the Ocean.


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