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About Luna Amore

Our name, Luna® Amore, describes our love for mother of pearl and embodies our highest values: the respect and dedication to marine life. With the help of our parent company, Marine Biology and Environmental Technologies, we create all products through regenerative aqua farming--using the mollusk in its entirety and giving 10% of all proceeds to our kelp reforestation and coral regeneration processes. Our parent company's sole mission is to heal the earth through the power of the ocean. Luna Amore's mission is to capture and share some of this natural beauty in an environmentally beneficial way. Mother of pearl is the brilliantly colored, incredibly durable and heat-resistant material produced by abalone, a single shell mollusk. The Luna Amore is a group of products made from one of the largest collections of Mother of Pearl in the world. We combine the mesmerizing magic of the ocean's natural whorl patterns with your imagination and our experienced craft to bring you something beautiful.  We pay homage to the ocean in each of our creations that range from bathroom and kitchen fixtures, to a tremendous variety of jewelry, to vases and other household accents, to tile for floors and walls. 

Thought-Starters for Creation Possibilities


From napkin holders to wedding dress details, these abalone products put the finishing touches to elevate any gathering.


The mother of pearl material is heat-resistant and durable, creating a wonderful iridescent tiling option for all spaces.


Bring the natural wonder of the ocean into your personal style. Check our existing creations or design your own.


These shells bring life to any space, whether in their naturally simple state or meticulously crafted into more intricate creations.

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Let's start creating your vision. We combine our incredibly talented family's craft with your unbound imagination, and we can start making something beautiful today! 

Healing the Ocean, One Purchase at a Time.

Luna Amore is proud of its parent company: Marine Biology & Environmental Technologies. Two important aspects of MBET's vision are to heal through the power of the ocean and to follow George Washington Carver’s principle of using every part of every plant and animal we grow.  MBET uses these powerful aqua farms to create hundreds of new medical products, as well as for kelp reforestation and coral reef regeneration. 10% of proceeds derived from The Luna Amore will be used to combat these global issues.   MBET grows its own sustainable abalone supply and has created color and whorl variations of the Mother of Pearl through diet. 

No Two Identical Products

We champion the diversity in nature. Every product remains intrinsically unique, as no two shells are the same. Even if you order one of our own designs, rather than creating your own, it will come as a one-of-a-kind product. 


Luna Amore jewelry is the best value in the world. The appreciation for these gifts is over the top. I am finding friends want more and more pieces in the many different colors, shapes and designs of the abalone shell.

When I am not wearing my Luna Amore jewelry, I lay them out on my dresser drawers so I look at them al the time.  They make me happy.

I wear all of my Luna Amore pieces with pride.  I have never had so many people admire them.  At many parties my jewelry has been the center of conversation including abalone and the company that grew them.

One of the best birthday presents I have ever been given was Luna Amore jewelry box.  I could not put it down.  Every angle show a beautifully different look.  I made it the centerpiece on my living room table.  I never tire talking about the vision of Marine Biology & Environmental Technologies, the company which made it.

I have Luna Amore tie clip, cuff links and money clip.  I have never had so many compliments.

My mother-of-pearl necklace is amazingly beautiful.  Everywhere I go, people want to touch it.  Luna Amore is just one of many Marine Biology & Environmental Technologies, a company that is doing so much good, I have volunteered to help.